Question: I really don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling my old car. Should I donate my car to charity instead?

Answer: Donate my car or sell my car?  That’s a great question.  Selling a car can be an enormous hassle for a private individual.  It requres putting ads in the paper or on Craigslist, taking phone calls, arranging meetings to show the car, not to mention letting a perfect stranger take your car for a test drive. It’s no wonder you don’t want to deal with it! Donating your car is a great alternative that can support a cause you believe in, and could even result in a tax deduction if you’re one who itemizes! Cars Helping Charities can arrange to have your old car removed, usually within a mere 24 hours! What could be simpler?

Our car donation program will also benefit the charity of your choice with needed. Many charities cannot afford to operate their own car donation program due to time constraints, administrative expenses and liability issues. We take that risk away and convert your donation into the cash that any charity can use. Many car donation programs only support a single charity, but we can support any charity or religious organization. If your chosen group is not on our list, contact us and we will work to establish a relationship with them!

Cars Helping Charities is an experienced car donation service provider to non-profits. We have been accepting and processing all kinds of vehicles for more than twelve years, and we pride ourselves on running the most efficient car donation program nationwide. Our experience means our donation process is quick, easy and fun, and most important, results in the highest possible proceeds for the charity and the highest possible tax deduction for you.

So if you ever are torn with the question “donate my car or sell my car,” I believe the answer is clear.  Donating your car is the simple solution that can help support a cause you believe in. Use our online form or give us a call.