Vehicle Donation Cloud™ – The Future of Car Donations

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed car donation web application.  This new platform will streamline the processing of donated cars using technology.  Named the Vehicle Donation Cloud™ the system was built from the ground up to increase the efficiency of car donations. Utilizing the cloud computing power of Amazon Web Services we now have the ability to use algorithmic analysis of car donations.  What does this mean for car donors and our car donation charity partners?  It means that every time a car is donated it is analyzed using enormous data sets which tell us which disposition method has the highest probability of achieving the highest sales price.  That’s a lot of big words to say that it helps us get the most money for our charity partners from your donated car.  Higher sales prices mean more money for our partners and a bigger tax deduction for you.  Our Vehicle Donation Cloud™ is bringing the world of car donations into the 21st century.