It should come as no surprise when I tell you that hundreds of thousands of people make the decision to donate a car each and every year. With that said, you could imagine that as a consumer, you have many choices when deciding where to donate a car. However, we feel that through the past 10 years, we have created the best car donation platform on the planet. Below, is a list of reasons that consumers choose to donate a car to Cars Helping Charities instead of one of the many other places that they can donate, the reasons that we feel set us apart from the rest:


Choose Your Own Charity Or Church

I would like to start this section by saying, the reason Cars Helping Charities was created was to allow charities that couldn’t already benefit from car donations to benefit and to allow consumers to make the decision to donate their car wherever they would like, even if the charity can’t afford to or simply doesn’t process car donations. As you do a bit of research to find out where to donate a car, you will find that Cars Helping Charities provides the only car donation platform that doesn’t support only one charity! If you would like to donate your car to a charity that isn’t listed on our website, we simply ask that you type in the name of the charity or church that you would like for your vehicle donation to help and, we will make sure that the proceeds get there!


Maximize Your Tax Deduction

Although charitable donations do help the community in many ways, one of the few benefits that donations help the donors is through the tax deduction. Any time someone makes the decision to make a donation whether it be a car or cash or any other donation, they will be given a tax deduction for doing so. However, because car donation tax deductions are calculated differently than most donations, where you choose to donate a car can have an extreme impact on the tax deduction that you will receive. The car donation tax deduction works like this:

  • If the donated car generates proceeds that amount to less than $500, the donor will be given a $500 tax deduction as a result of their donation.
  • If the donated car generates proceeds in excess of $500, the donor will be given a tax deduction equal to the amount of proceeds that were generated through his or her donation.

To ensure that donors who choose Cars Helping Charities receive the highest possible tax deduction, we have put countless efforts into ensuring that the cars donated are sold at top dollar no matter what condition they are in when they are donated. Often times, we will facilitate mechanical repairs, aesthetic repairs and more to ensure that the car that is donated generates the most amount of proceeds and the highest tax deduction possible.


Trusted Car Donation Specialists

When it comes down to it, I could give you all the facts about Cars Helping Charities that I want but, this will still not convince many people. The simple fact is that in the world we live in, often times, people simply don’t do what they promise in a timely manner. Well, not only do we do what we say, we can prove it. Cars Helping Charities currently has and always will have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This grade was earned through hard work and trusted service since 2002!


Free To Donate

Finally, one of the many reasons that consumers make the decision to donate a car is to get a junk car out of their driveways. Looking for the least expensive junk car removal option, many consumers make the decision to donate. Well, when you donate your car to Cars Helping Charities, there is no reason to pull out your credit card! We pay for any expenses associated with your donation including towing, repairs, auction fees and more!