Some Simple Steps to Maximizing Your Car Donation Program

Question: I direct a charity as part of our church outreach. A few people have asked if we have a car donation program and we’ve had to say no.  We’re thinking about using your car donation program services, but I was wondering if you can tell me how many cars we can expect to have donated to us on a monthly basis?  —Sam H.  Albuquerque, NM

Answer: That’s a great question, Sam! While there is no way we can predict the number of cars that will actually be donated to your specific program, we do have some great tools and recommendations that will help you maximize those donations.

The first and easiest tool to help your charity achieve success is to place Cars Helping Charities’ clickable buttons on your website; this will call attention to your car donation program and allow people to begin the donation process online. Once you have enrolled with Cars Helping Charities, we also offer a car donation marketing guide that will coach you in the most effective way to craft an e-mail blast, how to present the opportunity in newsletters and direct mail collateral, as well as other unique tactics. Your charity will emphasize the ease of the donation process, the tax benefits of donating, and the good works that the donations will support.

We find that most charities that employ these tools are successful. Best of all, there is no risk or cost to you to implement this program! Contact us at 866-701-2277  to learn more or visit our charity signup page.