Car Donations Hardly Help the End Charity

False.  Most vehicle donation programs are run by reputable companies that pay a high percentage of the proceeds to the charity they work for.  There are always costs associated with the sale of a car donation, but those costs can be compressed by quality car donation programs.  Cars Helping Charities has helped charities and nonprofits raise over five million ($5,000,000) in car donation proceeds over the last 10 years.   Car donations make a big differences to all types of nonprofits, but you should always ask what the charities payout is before donating.  If the answer is less then 50% then you should find another nonprofit to donate your car to.

If I Donate My Car Directly to the Charity They Keep More

Probably not.  Most nonprofits and charities do not process their own car donations and therefore won’t be able to take your car directly.  The overhead associated with a car donation program is hard to justify and therefore outsourcing to a car donation program, such as Cars Helping Charities, makes a lot of sense.  High payouts, low costs and the vast network of towing, auction and auto recyclers gives nonprofits and charities the ability to process vehicle donations that normally they could not accept.  There are some exceptions to the rule, but don’t be surprised if your favorite charity uses a car donation program like Cars Helping Charities.

My Junk Car Won’t Help the Charity

False.  Most car donation programs accept all types of car donations, including junk cars.  Donating a junk car to charity not only helps them monetarily, but also can help them achieve better rates and payouts.  Most car donation expenses tier down with the more vehicles that are donated.  So even if the junk car you donate doesn’t yield hardly anything to the charity after its sold you still could be helping drive down costs for the charity.  Donating a junk car also helps the environment by keeping pollutants out of water, soil and air.  You get free towing for your junk car and a tax deduction.  The charity gets the proceeds from the sale of the car donation, lower fees on all their other cars and you also help keep the world clean.  So donate your junk car today online via our donation form or call us to schedule at 866-701-CARS (2277).