Did you know that car donations generate hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for charities every year? When deciding where to donate a car, the first decision that you should make is who you would like for your car to help. These people, groups and animals who need assistance are generally called charitable causes. If you are still trying to figure out which charitable cause you would like for your car donation to help, I’ve got the perfect list for you! Here is the list of the charitable causes.

Support Veterans & Military

The first cause that we are going to talk about today is supporting veterans. I’d like to start by saying if you are a veteran yourself, thank you for putting your life on the line to protect me and my family, friends and neighbors. With that said, many consumers make the decision to fight for our freedom however, when they get home a great deal of them find financial dismay while being forced to deal with both mental and physical injuries. Therefore, it’s easy to see why many consumers make the decision to donate a car to support veterans!

Find The Cure

Another very common cause that consumers decide to donate a car to is to Find The Cure. It should come as no surprise when I say that billions of dollars are spent each and every year to finance medical research to find the cure for illnesses like A.I.D.S., Epilepsy and Cancer. Because so many people are effected each year by life threatening and in-curable illnesses, Finding The Cure has become a leading charitable cause to donate a car to over the past few decades.

Save Children

I have not to this day met anyone that would argue with the fact that children are our future and their safety is paramount. Unfortunately however, many children find themselves in situations of domestic violence and abuse, household financial distress, life threatening illnesses and more. The fortunate side of this is that there are many consumers like you that donate their cars. You can probably imagine why saving children is the cause that many of the consumers decide to help!

Defeat Hunger And Homelessness

Although, generally people attempt to avoid them, homeless and hungry people are people too. In many cases, the reason these people have found themselves homeless has nothing to do with the common misconception that they all must be alcoholic or drug addicts, many people find themselves in these situations as a result of illness, bad economic conditions, ect… No matter why these people have found themselves in these positions, they still deserve a helping hand. This is why so many consumers make the decision to donate a car to defeat hunger and homelessness.