Maxfund Animal Shelter

In 1988 Dr. Bill Suro owned a large veterinary practice in suburban Denver. His wife Nanci was practice manager. They had recently added 24-hour emergency care to the hospital services. One problem immediately became obvious; what to do with all the animals in dire straits who are found by Good Samaritans, usually along side of the road. There is no publicly funded hospital to take care of injured animals with no known owners. They are sent to animal control and euthanized after no one comes forward. What could be done about this situation?
“The beginning of the MaxFund At this time another hospital that took emergencies had taken in a dog that was hit by car, this dog had multiple injuries. One of Dr. Suro’s clients heard of this dog and asked if he would take it. The Good Samaritan had paid for the immediate medical care. But no owner could be found, and after 10 days the dog faced euthanasia. He was now stable medically, but needed expensive orthopedic surgery for his fractures, and no one was willing to pay for it. The Suro’s agreed to see what they could do for him.”