Question: How do I choose the best charity for my donation? —Mary F., Trenton, NJ

Answer: Thank you for your question, Mary! Choosing a charity is a very personal process. Since diverse charities have different purposes, it is important to find a charity with a mission that resonates with you personally. For example, if you are passionate about helping those less fortunate, you may be interested in Habitat for Humanity or a local agency like the Emergency Family Assistance Association. If you’re known in your neighborhood as the “cat lady,” perhaps you’d be interested in donating to the SPCA or to a local no-kill shelter similar to Pet Rescue by Judy in Sanford, FL. Do you feel strongly about a medical issue due to personal experiences or those of a family member? The American Heart Association or Brent’s Place may be the perfect recipient for your donation.

Cars Helping Charities makes it easy to identify charities that resonate with you. In addition to our alphabetical listing of charities, you can also click on a cause that you’d like to support and view brief descriptions of some charities that work to aid those causes. From humanitarian aid and senior services to environmental causes, there are plenty of worthy charities from which to choose. If you have a favorite charity that is not listed on our website, send us your vehicle donation information and we will contact the organization to arrange your donation. Please call us today at 866-697-0697 if you have any further questions, Mary!