Goodwill of North Florida

If you are looking for a way to allow your car donation to be more than a blind donation, Goodwill is a great choice of charity to donate to! Throughout the years, Goodwill has made a name for themselves in the United States providing community services that, well, only they can! When you donate your car to Goodwill, you are donating a car that will provide funding to train and employ consumers with special needs and disabilities.


Did you know that Goodwill holds what they call Job Junctions? That’s right, your donated car will help Goodwill serve over 56,000 people and place over 10,800 of them into a job! The most astonishing part is that the combined earnings of the many TAX PAYERS that are employed through these Job Junctions totals at over 98 Million Dollars a Year! That’s right, your car donation will help thousands of unemployed consumers to collectively earn millions of dollars a year!

Also, Goodwill doesn’t only help consumers find jobs, they help employers find hard working individuals! Providing services to private sector businesses as well as state and even federal government agencies, Goodwill helps many businesses find the employees that are vital to their success and many government agencies employ those individuals that help protect our livelihood and freedom!

With that said, on behalf of Goodwill of North Florida, Cars Helping Charities and the consumers who will benefit as a result of your donation, we would like to say thank you for choosing to donate your car to Goodwill of North Florida!