Question: I’d love to donate my old car to charity, but I can’t find my title. Will you still take it? —Rhonda P., Tuscaloosa, AL

Answer: Rhonda, we are often contacted by people who want to donate a car, but cannot find the title. While it’s important to understand that we cannot accept a vehicle without a title (i.e., proof of ownership), replacing a lost title is often simply a matter of visiting your local (county) Division of Motor Vehicles office and requesting a duplicate title. You’ll need the VIN number from your vehicle, as well as identification for yourself, such as a valid driver’s license or passport. Once the DMV has verified that you are the titleholder and that there is no active lien on the vehicle, you’ll be charged a fee that varies by state, and you will often be able to get a copy of the title immediately.

If your situation sounds more complicated than this, don’t despair! We have title experts in our office that can help you sort out almost any situation, and guide you through the process of car donation. Power of Attorney issues, salvage title problems, lien errors—we’ve dealt with them all! Call us at 866-701-2277 to discuss your details!