Wide Horizon

The mission of Wide Horizon is to provide Christian Science nursing, facilities, and support for those seeking healing accomplished through complete reliance on Christian Science as taught by Mary Baker Eddy

Wide Horizon, originally incorporated in 1946, began accepting its first patients in 1951, in what has now become known as the South Building. In 1990, we opened our North Building as a modern and spacious Christian Science nursing facility. Christian Science Nurses care for the practical daily needs of Christian Scientists who are relying on God and Christian Science treatment for spiritual healing through prayer and the study of Christian Science.  Horizon House was remodeled and reopened in 2000 to serve those who are not presently able to live alone and need minimal supervision. In 2007 this building was beautifully redecorated for rest and study guests for spiritual renewal and more independent residents.  In 2009 we launched a Building Campaign to remodel and expand our North Building to replace functions that are currently in the South Building. These improvements will enhance opportunities for individual demonstration of Christian Science, provide a safer and more secure environment, offer more interactive activities for guests, and realize efficiencies in staffing and finances.

Wide Horizon is located on the western edge of Denver on a gentle, rolling hillside with a panoramic view of the Front Range and the Rocky Mountains. The facility provides a full spectrum of Christian Nursing Services  ranging from assisted living to more acute needs, as well as outpatient services.  There are 25 private rooms for those needing Christian Science nursing care while relying solely on God and Christian Science treatment for healing, as well as for more independent individuals. Three rooms are available for Supervised Residential Living in Horizon House. For those seeking spiritual renewal, Wide Horizon is “a city set on a hill” that offers a peaceful atmosphere conducive to quiet prayer and study (Matt. 5:14).

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