Douglas County Libraries

As we all already know, education is the single most important investment that we can make in our future and the future of our children. This is an investment that Douglas County Libraries makes each and every day. By donating your car to Douglas County Libraries, not only are you making the decision to get rid of your junk car or get a tax deduction, you are making the decision to help children and families gain the free opportunity to have a quiet place to read and the books to read while they are there.

As with most libraries, Douglas County Libraries allow consumers young and old to use the internet and borrow books, videos and audio tapes.This gives the consumers in the community a great place to bring their children to do research for school projects or simply a place to learn something new every day! Also, along with the technology of today has come a new way to learn, the internet. Therefore, Douglas County Libraries now utilizes an amazing online website database to bring the consumers who don’t have the opportunity to make it to the library a perfect place to start their research at home, the website!

On behalf of Cars Helping Charities and Douglas County Libraries, we would like to thank you in advance for making the decision to donate your car to a cause that not only helps today but provides the tools for building a great tomorrow!

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  • Car and vehicle donating is a great way to recycle and beneficial for the environment.