Car donation program available to charities nationwide!

It's easy to learn more about how the Cars Helping Charities car donation program can benefit your organization and how to sign up. Utilizing our Vehicle Donation Cloud (VDC) your organization can manage your car donations with ease. Our VDC provides you with access to donor information and analytics to continuously improve your car donation program. Simply download the helpful guides below and if at any point you have questions or would like to speak with a member of our staff don’t hesitated to call (303) 502-5145 or use the contact us form. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with all of your car donation program needs.

Information Guide

Enrollment Guide

Marketing Guide

Once your organization has completed the enrollment process we will send you a valuable complimentary car donation program marketing guide.

Sample Custom Donation Buttons

Sample Donation Buttons

What Charities are Saying

Donations through Cars Helping Charities has provided vital unrestricted funds that help support and sustain Wildland’s Restoration Volunteers and the amazing restoration work they perform across Colorado’s beautiful public lands.

Wildland's Restoration Volunteers, Boulder

What Charities are Saying

Thanks to Cars Helping Charities, Water For People is able to provide more clean drinking water and services to those in desperate need around the world. For our donors it is quite possibly the easiest way to donate. Call or fill out a quick online form and they will tow and sell your car, provide you a receipt, send your charity a check and handle all the details!

Water For People, Denver