Coaching Kids, Inc.

Coaching Kids, Inc. is a charitable non-profit organization, established to serve the local and global community by connecting kids with parents to create stronger, more supportive families.  CKI recognizes that during the pre-teen and adolescent years, misunderstandings, frustration, and general disconnect between parents and kids seem to be prevalent in our society.  CKI began with a vision by its leaders that kids need support to find their unique gifts and open up channels of communication with parents in order to become fulfilled individuals and contribute to their families and the world.

The objectives of CKI Training program are: To develop coaching skills for effective communication between parents and children through the development and use of coaching techniques; To support parents to effectively teach their children life skills through coaching techniques; To empower parents and children to learn from one another’s strengths and to use one another as resources; and To empower parents and children to discover their unique gifts to become more resilient members of their families, community, and the world.

Coaching Kids depends on donations from kind people like you. Your contribution helps us to fulfill our vision of Empowering Kids…Transforming the World.

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