Mountain Resource Center

Mountain Resource Center is a nonprofit, community-based organization that delivers high quality health and human services serving West Jefferson and Park counties,

Mountain Resource Center provides a single point of entry to connect clients with a range of services tailored to meet individual clients needs at no cost.

Mountain Resource Center provides a safe and accessible place for individuals and families to connect with a variety of services. Family Advocates help clients navigate critically needed support systems and provide ongoing case management, goal-setting, and encouragement. Mountain Resource Center helps clients resolve emergency needs such as:

Advocacy and Case Management
  • Utility Assistance
  • Rent/Mortgage Assistance
  • Food Pantry Access
  • Mobile Food Share
  • LEAP (Low-income Energy Assistance Program)
  • SNAP/Food Stamp Enrollment Application Assistance and Medicare Signup
  • Gas Vouchers
  • Clothing Vouchers
  • Veterans Support Services
  • Workforce Support and Job Training Program
  • Cooking and Healthy Living Classes
  • Free Parenting Classes, Playgroups, and Parent Support Groups for Children 8 and Under