How much of the proceeds will the charity receive?

Cars Helping Charities has over twelve years of experience in the car donation industry, and we pride ourselves on running the most efficient car donation program nationwide. Not only do we make the donating process quick, easy and fun, we make sure we convert your donated vehicle into the highest possible tax deduction for you, as well as and highest possible donation proceeds for the charity you have chosen to support.

Our charity payout agreements vary by location, size and types of donations.  We work with charities in establishing an agreement that allows for the charity to receive the vast majority of the donated vehicle’s value, but with everything there are expenses.  Typical expenses are towing fees, auction fees, repair costs if needed and car processing fees.  Using our proprietary software we determine where to get the most value from a donated vehicle, net of expenses.  This allows us to provide a higher net number to the charity no matter what the payout.  For more information about charity proceeds, please call us at 866.701.CARS (2277).



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